Project and Construction of a Massive Stone Pool


Under the supervision of Gilles Perraudin
(with Alix de Mourgues and Sarah Cartier)

This project was carried out under the direction of Gilles Perraudin, who is an architect specializing in massive stone construction (blocks weighing several hundred kilos, even a few tons). The goal was to create a large pool in a winery from limestone blocks, trying to standardize the blocks in order to facilitate their assembly and limit material losses.

Stone Pool Plan by Clément Gaillard First plan of the basin and study of the layout

Stone Pool Perspectives by Clément Gaillard
Stone Pool Perspectives by Clément Gaillard Basin perspectives and site integration study

My work focused on the layout of the stones, so that the blocks could be directly sawn to the right dimensions at the quarry, located near Oppède (84), and assembled dry in one day. I mainly worked from plans, cuts and axonometries and I checked my hypotheses of layout on SketchUp and then on a model, from plaster blocks. I made about twenty before the choice was made to go for an elongated plan. In order to facilitate the construction, the order of assembly of the stones was studied taking into account the width of the of the clamp.

Pool Building by Clément Gaillard Layout and mounting order of the stones (first sketch by Sarah Cartier)

Pool Building by Clément Gaillard Installation of the stones on the concrete footing

Limestone by Clément Gaillard The adjustment of the limestones was made with wooden wedges carefully cut and numbered

Limestone by Clément Gaillard The final result once all the stones were mounted