I am the founder of the Freio, a consulting firm specializing in climatic design in Montpellier, France.

I offer my services as a consultant in bioclimatic public or private development projects oriented towards a climate adaptation process, guided by appropriate and sustainable technical choices.

Do not hesitate to contact me for your project.

My projects concern:
- Improving comfort in winter and summer thanks to passive techniques;
- The study and design of natural heating and cooling techniques;
- Supporting individuals towards low-tech or autonomous housing projects;
- Adaptation to climate change at the local or urban scale.

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Clément Gaillard


- Altarea (Paris)
- AREP (Paris)
- ChartierDalix (Paris)
- SOLENEOS (Nantes)
- VS-A Façade architecture (Lille)
- Ville de Paris (Paris)


- Project management in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design
Experience in project management at different phases, from sketch to DCE
- Specialist in bioclimatic design in architecture and urban planning
Recognized expertise in bioclimatic design at all scales
- Simplified microclimatic simulations and analysis of meteorological files
Production of heliodons and simplified aeraulic simulations to study windbreaks or natural ventilation potential
- Implementation of passive techniques in new and existing buildings
Recommendations for passive solar techniques for heating, cooling and natural ventilation based on experience feedback
- Basic principles of building life cycle assessment
Integration of carbon impact and the use of bio- and geosourced materials

& Scientific papers

march 2022
« Persistence and Renewal of Technical Mentalities », Cahiers François Viète, vol. III, n°12. Research article about the opposition between passive and active solar techniques, available here.
february 2022
« Climatic Dimension and Technological Resolution », Jean-Hugues Barthélémy (dir.), Ludovic Duhem (dir.), Écologie et technologie. Redéfinir le progrès après Simondon, Paris : Matériologiques, 2022. Research article about the concept of "milieu techno-géographique" from Simondon, available here.
may 2021
« From the "Bioclimatic Law" to Bioclimatic Design in Architecture », La Météorologie. Revue de l'atmosphère et du climat, n°113, pp. 41-46. Research article about the circulation of the term "bioclimatic", from entomology to architecture. Available here or freely available by email.
april 2021
« Is the Climate a Resource? », Cahiers de la recherche architecturale, urbaine et paysagère, n°11. Research article about the understanding of climate as an energetic resource, available here.
december 2020
« The Energy Approach of Vernacular Architecture », Socio-Anthropologie, n°42, Paris : Editions de la Sorbonne, pp. 67-80. Research article about the interest in energetic performances of vernacular architecture, available here.
may 2019
« Timothy Morton, Hyperobjets. Philosophie et écologie après la fin du monde », in RADDAR Revue Annuelle de Design/Design Annual Review, n°1, Lausanne : MUDAC. Book review of Hyperobjets by Timothy Morton (2019), the whole RADDAR review is available here, the full article is available in french here.
april 2019
(avec Catherine Geel), Extended French Theory and the Design Field... On Nature and Ecology: A Reader, Paris : T&P Publishing, 350 p. Edition of an anthology in English of a set of texts by contemporary French philosophers, anthropologists and thinkers on the theme of ecology, available here.
"Nature vs. Ecology: What are objects becoming?", in Extended French Theory and the Design Field... On Nature and Ecology: A Reader, Paris : T&P Publishing, pp. 26-30. Introduction text of the chapter "Nature and Ecology".
(avec Thomas Havet) "Where are We?", in Extended French Theory and the Design Field... On Nature and Ecology: A Reader, Paris : T&P Publishing, pp. 163-168. Introduction text of the chapter "Fields, Places, In Situ".


PhD in Geography (Urbanism) from the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University PhD thesis on bioclimatic design and integration of climate data in design processes prepared under the supervision of Sabine Barles at the Center of Research on the Networks, Industry and Planning (CRIA)
Member of the young commission, French section, XXIInd Triennale of Milan Under the direction of Catheriene Geel, commissioner of the French Pavilion.
Master of Research in Contemporary Philosophy at the Paris 1 University Master's thesis titled Énergie et critères d'unité : Leibniz, Simondon, Vernadsky under the supervision of Ronan de Calan, available here.
Normalien at the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, Design department
Master of Arts in Contemporary Philosophy at the Paris 1 University Master's thesis titled Leibniz et l'image de la nature : le problème de l'unité under the supervision of Paul Rataud, available here. Master of Research in Design at the ENS Paris-Saclay
Teaching Degree in Design (Applied Arts)
Master of Arts - Teaching of Design at the ENS Paris-Saclay
Degree in Spatial Design - Urban Alternatives at the College Adolphe Chérioux Diploma conducted on the Coignet concrete technique, development of the site of the Coignet house in Saint-Denis (93), the first cased concrete house in France.
Internship at Gilles Perraudin architect, design and building of massive stone structures.
Preparatory Class for Design schools at the College La Martinière-Diderot Admitted to the Louis-Lumière school (photography section) as well as to the ENSP in Arles.