I design with the local climate to adress global climate challenges.

Portrait of Clément Gaillard

I am the founder of the Freio, a consulting firm specializing in climatic design.

I work as an urbanist, designer and consultant in bioclimatic design and adaptation to climate change.

I support designers and communities in order to better integrate the climate into architectural and urban planning projects (natural ventilation, passive cooling, fight against the urban heat island, overall comfort, etc.)

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Urbanist and designer, I hold a PhD on the history of bioclimatic design and low-tech passive solar heating and cooling techniques developed in the 20th century. I redevelop these techniques as part of my consulting activities.

This site brings together a blog, my projects, my scientific articles as well as my various publications.

I am available for your projects, do not hesitate to contact me.

Heliodon Clément Gaillard

Table of contents :

1 - Expertise

1.1 - Multi-scale bioclimatic design
1.2 - Microclimatic analysis
1.3 - Low-tech cooling & heating
1.4 - Thermal comfort & UHI control

2 - Projects

2.1 - Bioclimatic analysis of a site plan for Avignon-Confluences
2.2 - The Abrises: Enhance Outdoor Natural Ventilation
2.3 - Evaluation of the Natural Ventilation Potential of an Office Building in Orléans (France)
2.4 - Research for a Low-Tech Adiabatic Cooling System
2.5 - Study of a Cooling System by Chimney Effect
2.6 - Park Project on the Site of the Coignet House in Saint-Denis (France)
2.7 - Edition of an Anthology of Texts on Ecology
2.8 - Surveys of Vernacular Buildings and Layouts
2.9 - Project and Construction of a Massive Stone Pool

3 - Articles

3.1 - Earth Construction and the Meaning of Thermal Inertia
3.2 - Articles in French

4 - About

4.1 - Contact :
4.2 - PhD

Maison Coignet Project by Clément Gaillard Maison Coignet Project at Seine-Saint-Denis