Edition of an Anthology of Texts on Ecology


Edition, Book direction

I was asked by Catherine Geel and T&P Editions to co-edit the edition of an anthology in English of texts by French thinkers on ecology, which was published as part of the 2019 Milan Triennale. The aim was to present little-known texts by famous thinkers through short excerpts. This edition was an opportunity to cross the philosophy and history of techniques with design but also anthropology, and to show the existence of problems common to these different fields.

The book can be purchased here.

Anthologie de texte par Clément Gaillard Cover of the book

This editorial project had to be embodied in an easily manipulated and accessible object. The discussions with the graphic designers from Building Paris who accompanied us on this project revolved around the choice of format, cover and budgetary constraints, which notably prohibited us from using color. We favored a compact format, similar to a paperback, but thick enough since the book is 350 pages.

Anthologie de texte par Clément Gaillard Final dimensions of the book

Anthologie de texte par Clément Gaillard Model of the book